Håkon Lund

Barista and roastery worker

Creates good coffee and service experiences for our guests, and makes sure the freshly roasted coffee beans are packed and distributed to our customers.

Håkon is the one who does things right, always. You can always trust that he will do his best, and always with a smile. After just ten minutes of training, he was already one of the fastest coffee packers at the roastery.

He loves routines, and understands the need for them better than many. That might be a skill that he developed during his time as a chief in the Army. Before he joined our team in July 2022, he had also worked as a climbing instructor among others, and his interest in coffee had already started in secondary school.

The most important thing for Håkon as our team member:

That all our guests that visit our espresso bar have a good experience. Both with the coffee we serve, but also the customer service.

Håkon Lund
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