Emma Lundell

Barista and roastery worker

Creates good coffee and service experiences for our guests, and makes sure the freshly roasted coffee beans are packed and distributed to our customers.

Emma is not the one that screams the loudest, but you do notice her, she has the most pleasant energy behind the espresso bar. She has a genuine desire to create good service experiences for our guests. When alone at work with a line out the door, she still maintains her composure, efficiency, and smile.

Emma is one of the most caring people we know and is an important contributor to our working environment. Originally, she studied to become a dog instructor, but luckily for us her career path changed so she eventually joined our team in July 2021 after many years in different service and barista professions.

The most important thing for Emma as our team member:

To create a nice atmosphere among us colleagues and to be able to spread that to all our guests, and of course to deliver amazing coffee experiences.

Emma Lundell
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