Daniel Vareide

Coffee roaster and barista

Makes sure that all our coffees are roasted to perfection, and creates good coffee and service experiences for our guests.

Daniel is our steady, solution-focused team member who always takes action where needed. After many years of coffee as a hobby, he moved to Oslo in December 2021 to start as a coffee roaster and barista with us. Daniel has high professional integrity and an interest in coffee, but is also the one who makes us laugh and smile at work every day.

He is a versatile guy, but the common denominator is working with people, something his varied background shows with studies in outdoor guiding, many years of work in a sports shop, and most recently in a kindergarten. Daniel is the one in the team who always has things in order, and he never leaves work until all tasks are done, both his own and those of his colleagues.

The most important thing for Daniel as our team member:

The most important thing for me when I go to work is twofold. In the bar, I wanted to come home knowing that I might have made someone’s day a little better. Whether it was because they got good coffee, or whether it was a pleasant conversation. When I’m at the roastery roasting coffee, I often think that someone on the other side of the globe will enjoy it. I want to come home from work knowing that they are getting the best cup of coffee possible.

Daniel Vareide
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