Ben Symes

Wholesale manager

Makes sure all our business customers, such as restaurants, cafés and offices, have everything they need to succeed.

Ben is our Australian multi-artist. He moved to Oslo in July 2015 from Fuglen, Tokyo where he had been setting up their roastery, and he had been working in the coffee industry for a long time.

He joined our team in a temporary position as a wholesale manager, and as he has such broad expertise and an inspiring work ethic, he has carried out most tasks in the company over the years. Ben has been responsible for everything from roasting to office work, and as he is a skilled coffee taster, he helps Tim with quality control etc. in addition to his wholesale tasks. Ben is the team member that is both very warm and professional, and the core of who we want to be as a team.

The most important thing for Ben as our team member:

That I’m a part of a team that is focused on providing the best quality (coffee and service) that we can and that we all enjoy doing so!

Ben Symes
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