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Tim Wendelboe is a roastery, espresso bar and coffee training centre. We are known for our light-roasted coffees and consistent quality. We roast to order every week and ship our coffees to home enthusiasts, offices, restaurants and coffee shops all over the world.
Tim Wendelboe Espresso Bar

Espresso Bar

Located at Grünersgate 1 at Grünerløkka in Oslo, our espresso bar is visited by locals and tourists from all over the world. We like to think of our espresso bar as a coffee showroom where people can be inspired to try something new, or see the world of coffee in a different light. It is a place to enjoy a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee either by yourself or maybe try our coffee tasting together with a friend.

We offer a seasonal menu of coffees brewed to order and a small range of espresso based drinks with or without milk. Our menu changes according to coffee harvest seasons and the local weather. You can of course buy our freshly roasted coffee beans to take home and get brewing advice from our experienced baristas.

Coffee Roastery

We are known for our light-roasted coffees and consistent quality. The secret behind our reputation is not just the way we roast or our strict quality control, but also the way we buy green coffee. Our coffees are carefully selected by Tim Wendelboe and are sourced from his favourite origins with emphasis on quality, traceability and responsibility.

We like to have close relations with the producers we buy from. Together we work systematically, both in the short and long term, in order to improve their farms and coffees. This ensures that the coffees we purchase are harvested and processed following our strict protocols. Our goal is to present a coffee with distinct character of its variety and origin. Hopefully it will give you a new and unique taste experience. We roast to order every week and ship our coffees to home enthusiasts, offices, restaurants and coffee shops all over the world. You can also get our coffees in our espressobar in Grünersgate 1 in Oslo. Our roastery and office are located at Tøyengata 29c, just a short walk from our espresso bar.

Tim Wendelboe Roastery
Tim Wendelboe Team Cupping

Training Center

Located just above our roastery at Tøyen, our lab acts as our experimenting ground and learning centre for members of the public as well as for coffee professionals and restaurants. We know that it is only through education that we can achieve a broader public understanding of how much work goes behind a single cup of great-tasting coffee.

That is why it is important for us to be inclusive and offer trainings and courses to anyone who are curious and want to learn more about coffee. We offer regular lectures, cuppings and brewing courses throughout the year. View our events page or get in touch for more information.

Our Vision

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Tim Wendelboe Kaffebar

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