It is finally here, the long awaited SteepShot. SteepShot is a manual coffee brewer invented by Ari Halonen in Norway. With focus on functionality, minimalism and design and by utilising its own accumulated pressure you can brew a cup of delicious coffee in under one minute wherever you need it.

We are so pleased to be the exclusive distributor of the SteepShot and you can check out Tim’s introduction to this new coffee brewing device in the video bellow.

The SteepShot is a great experimental tool which gives you room to play around with grind size, brewing time, how much water you use, the amount of coffee and agitation. In the video bellow you will find Tim’s brewing guide and recipe to get you started.

Our recipe:
– 14 g coffee (medium to fine grind)
– 200 g water (boiling)
– 30 sec brew time (adjust to grind size)

If you want to get your hands on the SteepShot it is available for sale through our website here.

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