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TV Interview on FBI at NRK

Yesterday there was a feature about Nespresso and coffee on the national TV consumer programme FBI.

If you are in Norway you can see the feature here.

The brew guide and some tips about how to brew better coffee can be found here.

I used their coffee calculator and found out that if I use the Aeropress and brew 4 cups of coffee of the Hacienda La Esmeralda every day (our most expensive coffee) it will cost me NOK 12.709 per year (USD 2.045,-). That means about Kr. 34,- per day (USD 5,47). Pretty cheap for the most famous and expensive coffee in the world if you ask me.

For a more normal priced coffee the price would be:  NOK 5.409,- per year.(USD 870,-) or Kr. 14,82 per day (USD 2,39).

I am shocked how cheap it is to drink coffee compared to wine and beer. I just spent Kr. 2000,- on Wine for a dinner the other day.

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