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Mange har spurt meg hvorfor jeg ikke skriver på engelsk. Vel, svaret er vel enkelt. Tim wendelboe AS skal starte i Norge og jeg synes det er fint å kunne kommunisere med framtidige tilhengere på mitt eget morsmål. Etter stort press fra medbaristaer omkring på kloden har jeg allikevel besluttet å foreta meg noe. Ideen streifet meg da jeg kikket på Petter solbergs Rally blog, hvorfor ikke skrive både på norsk og på engelsk.
Så fra og med denne posten vil jeg oversette alt jeg skriver så godt jeg kan. Kan Petter Solberg, så kan jeg 😉 (Jeg vil starte med en liten introduksjon for de engelske da…)

After many requests from my fellow baristi around the globe, I have decided to translate all my coming posts on this Blog from Norwegian to English. The idea got to me when I read the Norwegian Rally world champion Petter Solberg’s blog where he both wrote in Norwegian and in English. He is known for his Norwenglish when he speaks, so I guess if he can translate, then I can do it too.

If you are wondering what this blog is about, I can try to sum it up for you:
This blog is about my new establishment Tim Wendelboe AS. I am in the process of opening a coffee roastery, a coffee shop and a coffee school. On this blog I will post news about the development of the company and also some other coffee related news. What I have written about so far is the following:

1. I have ordered a La Marzocco GS3 for my laboratory
2. I have ordered a 2 group La Marzocco FB80 for my coffee shop and coffee school
3. I got a 3 group Mirage spring piston machine as a farewell gift from Stockfleth’s when I quit there a year ago. This machine will also be used in my coffeeshop.
4. I have ordered a 15 kilo Probat roaster from IMS in germany which will be refurbished. I will post pictures of the different stages it goes through before it enters Norway.
5. I have leased my first car ever and I have also got a logo which is present on the car.
6. I have bought some Brazilian natural coffee from the farm Santa Alina
7. I am finalizing my espressoblend which is based on the Brazilian above.
8. I have got a location and will take over in april. Estimated opening of the roastery is in June.

I guess there is more, but there you have an introduction of what has happened so far.

Until next post…

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