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No more blending

We have decided to stop making our only blend, the Tim Wendelboe Espresso blend.

The reason for this is that we firmly believe that our coffees are good enough to be drunk unblended. We want to emphasize the flavours of origin, and therefore it does not make sense to blend coffees from different origins together.


We will be offering 2-3 different coffees roasted for espresso at all times. Like with all our coffees, our offerings will change according to harvest season as we try to always sell the freshest coffee possible.

Right now we have a wonderful coffee from Hunkute, Ethiopia roasted for espresso that has flavours of  flowers, lemon and peach.

If you like a creamy style of the espresso, we recently started roasting a Bourbon from Sitio Canaa in Brazil. This natural processed coffee tastes a lot like milk chocolate, nuts and cane sugar.


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