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New Espresso Blend & VST Filter Baskets

New coffees from Kenya have arrived, and therefore we have made a new espresso blend to replace the current one.

As you all know by now, the prices of green coffee has increased a lot for the past year and therefore we have had to adjust the price for the espresso slightly. To read more about Raining prices, go here.

Here is the taste profile of our current blend:
Intense flavours of red berries and molasses.
Bright, winey acidity.
Juicy mouthfeel with sweet lingering finish.

The current blend consists of:
40 % Sitio Canaa, Sao Paulo, Brasil (Natural)
10 % Sumidouro, Bahia, Brasil (Washed)
50 % Tekangu, Nyeri, Kenya (Washed)

You can buy this coffee in our webshop.

Go here to see videos on how to brew espresso.

We strongly recommend to use the new VST filterbaskets. Both the 18g basket and the 22g basket is great for our coffee.
The VST filters makes it a lot easier to extract the espresso properly which gives a lot more sweetness in the cup. They are also more or less identical to eachother which makes it easy to be more consistent when brewing on several groups at the same time.
You can buy the filters here. Just make sure they fit your machine. (Fits all La Marzocco machines)

Just for the record, we do not have any commitments to VST. We just happen to use the filters and are extremely happy with them.

With the VST 18 gram filterbasket, we recommend the following brewing parameters:

  • 18 – 19 grams freshly ground coffee
  • 22 – 26 seconds brewing time
  • 25 – 30 grams of final brew liquid in the cup
  • 93°C – 94°C brew water temperature


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