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New espresso blend and new Indian coffee

We have got a new Indian coffee from Badnekhan estate in store.
Badnekhan Estate is located in Karnataka in Chikmagalur in India and has won the Flavour of India Award several times. It is a very clean and sweet Indian coffee with aromas and flavours remniscent of nuts, cocoa and cedar wood.
The coffee is very subtle and is not overly bitter like many other Indian coffees tend to be. This is actually quite a delicate and sweet coffee to be an Indian.

We have also updated Tim Wendelboe espresso since some new coffees have arrived.
The new blend consists of:

40% Badnekhan Estate, washed SLn9, from Karnataka, India.
45% Mununga, washed SL28 from Kenya
15% Aricha #7, Naturl processed coffee from Aricha, Ethiopia

The flavourprofile of the new blend is:

Aroma: Sweet smell of strawberry jam, chocolate and nuts on the nose.
Acidity: Balanced mature acidity
Mouthfeel: Heavy sweetness, creamy texture and long bittersweet aftertaste.
Flavour: Cocoa and strawberry jam. very sweet and soft in the mouth. Aftertaste starts with fruityness and ends with sweet cocoa.

I really hope you enjoy the blend and the new Indian coffee. Personally I think this is the best espresso blend we have done so far.

Also, the Honduras Cup of Excellence coffee we bought is right around the corner, so it seems we will have a wonderful fall with great tasting coffees.

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