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New espresso blend

Our new espressoblend is now for sale.
New seasonal coffees have arrived from Colombia and Ethiopia and therefore we want to highlight the new coffees in our espresso blend.

The blend now consists of 4 coffees:
30% Finca La Lomita, a washed Caturra from Huila, Colombia.
30% Mununga, a washed coffee from Kenya.
25% El Agrado, also a washed coffee from Huila, Colombia
15% Aricha #32, a natural processed coffee from Ethiopia.

As you might see from these coffees, the new blend is all about fruit flavour. Fruit, fruit, fruit and more fruit. Tutti Frutti, you might say. It is a very nice contrast to the previous blend that had 50% Indian coffee in it with tons of chocolate flavour.

The Lomita coffee contributes with citric acidity and a very soft and pleasant aftertaste. The El Agrado is a bit more citric and has more body at the same time. The Kenya contributes with sweetness and pulpy black currant and rose hips flavour. The Aricha is all about flowers and strawberries, ripe sweetness and creamy mouthfeel. Add all these together and you get a very fruity, bright, lively and sweet espresso.

For a full flavour profile, you need to either taste the blend yourself or read it on the bag in the store.

We hope you like it.

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