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New coffees

We have got some great new coffees in store. We launched them during our Black week, which was quite fun.
The new lots are from Kenya and Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian is a natural processed coffee from Aricha in Yirgacheffe.
This coffee is developed by the Bagersh family together with green coffee exporters Ninety+. Although the coffee is a bit pricey (Nok. 660,- per kg) it is one of the best coffees I have ever had. It has a very floral tropical fruit and strawberry aroma.
A creamy, yet very juicy and refreshing mouthfeel. It has an incredably mature strawberrylike sweetness and the flavours we find is anything from ripe melon, tropical fruits, stone fruits and last but not least wild strawberries.

This coffee is so intense and full of flavour that when we serve it chilled like an iced coffee (like the signature drink in Chris Kolbu’s WBC performance) we have gotten comments that it does not taste like coffee and more like fruit juice.
Some people feel that it really is too far away from what they say “coffee” should taste like, but I totally disagree. I believe that coffee really can taste like anything, and that the days where we tried to teach people what coffee SHOULD taste like are past and now we are more in to showing people what coffee really CAN taste like.

Fortunately the Aricha lot 7 is vacuum packed as green coffee in Ethiopia before it was shipped to ensure freshness. Unfortunately there is only about 400 kilos left of this coffee which equals about 300 kg of roasted coffee.

(Sun drying and sorting the ripest cheries is one of the reasons for the Aricha coffee’s complex and mature flavours.)

Since the coffee is so good and the lot is so small, we have bought another Aricha lot no 32 that will arrive in september October. This coffee will arrive in burlap, so I have a small job vacuum packing it when it arrives Norway. This will hopeully ensure that we have enough of this delicious Ethiopian coffee until Christmas.

(The people behind the Aricha coffee. Notice the african drying beds for coffee in the background.)

We have also bought a fantastic small lot from Gatundu coffee growers society in Kenya. This lot is only 500 kg and is a washed peaberry selection. The coffee displays an extremely crisp acidity, mature berrylike sweetness and tons of black currant and rose hip flavours. It is a fantastic Kenyan coffee, but the quantity is very small. This might be due to the fact that Kenya has struggled with both coffee berry disease and also a lot of internal conflicts during the past year. Fortunately we also got our hands on a bigger lot from Mununga, that we are currently using in our Espresso blend.
Since this coffee has to last until next years harvest, I have allready vacuumpacked the coffee as soon as it arrived Norway in its burlap bags. The plastic vacuum bags really help keep the green coffee fresh until next years crop is ready for sale.

I really hope you like our new coffees. We are also expecting the Newly bought Honduras Cup of Excellence coffee to arrive in september and maybe some other good stuff too…

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