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New coffee, new blend

Since we are out of Aricha #7, we have made a new espresso blend.
This will be the blend until we get the new coffees from Aricha and Colombia in just a week or 2.

The new espresso blend consists of:
50% Badnekhan Estate, washed coffee from India
50% Mununga, washed coffee from Kenya.

The flavour profile is:

Aroma: Smell of marzipan, chocolate and raisins.
Acidity: Berry-like and ripe acidity.
Mouthfeel: Heavy sweetness and creamy texture.
Flavour: Cocoa, biscuits and chocolate notes with hints of raisins and nuts.

We have also started selling Mununga, a washed Kenyan AB, alongside our best seller Gatundu, a washed Kenyan PB.

The Mununga is a bit sweeter than the Gatundu and the flavour profile is a bit different:
Aroma: Intense aromas of melted butter and blackcurrants
Acidity: Mature blackcurrant and grapelike acidity.
Mouthfeel: Marmelade like sweetness. Lively and refreshing.
Flavour: Blackcurrant marmelade, rose hips, hibiscus and raisins.

We only have 80 kilos left of the Gatundu peaberry, which is the crispiest and most intense Kenyan coffee we have had so far. Make sure you get to try the Mununga side by side the Gatundu before it disappears.

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