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Hunkute returns to Tim Wendelboe this week; both as an espresso roast and a filter roast.

The cup profile is very citric and reminiscent of limoncello with delicate jasmine notes. We think this is a result of both the high altitudes in which the coffee is grown, as well as the many local coffee tree varieties that the smallholder farmers grow who make up the Hunkute Co-op in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia.

It’s worth noting the Hunkute is organic by default, though not certified. Chemical fertilisers and the like are not required in the cultivation of the local heirloom varietals, which leaves only the natural characteristics of the terroir and varietal in the cup.

Both the Espresso roast and the filter roasts are available from today in store and on the webshop. It’s also your last chance to taste the Los Cipreses from the Caballeros.

Here is an interview about Ethiopian coffee we produced with Morten Wennersgaard from our sister company Nordic Approach and Kennedy Keya from Dormans in Kenya. This was filmed while we were in Addis Ababa during the harvest in 2011:

Interview from Ethiopia from Tim Wendelboe on Vimeo.


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