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Free coffee for our blog readers

Last year we got 15 kg. of Ethiopian natural coffee from a place called Shakiso, as a gift from our exporter Ninety plus. Since we did not pay for this wonderful coffee, we thought we would give it to our faithful blog readers for free. We are roasting what we have left of the coffee today (thursday 22nd of january) and will be handing out bags for free in our store to all our blog readers until  we run out. There is a limit of 1 bag per person and we don’t sell it, so if you want to taste the Shakiso coffee, you better get down to our store as soon as possible from friday on.. We do not send the coffee, so you have to come to our store in person to get a sample. Here are some notes from the cupping room: Aroma: Peach, blueberries and chocolate. Acidity: Winy and fruity acidity remniscent of white dessert wine. Mouthfeel: Creamy with longlasting aftertaste. Delicate balance. Flavour: Intens fruity character. Peachy, apricots, dessert wine, ripe berries. Notes of bergamot and jasmine. A big thanks to Joseph Brodsky and the guys at Ninety plus for giving us this wonderful coffee. Hope you will enjoy.

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