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Food Studio Field Dinner

This past weekend, Food Studio hosted another one of their high concept foody experiences. Once again, like with the Maaemo & Food Studio collaboration, Tim Wendelboe was contributing and we featured our Michiti brewed as kokekaffe.


Food Studio is a kind of collaborative project aimed at promoting and communicating the Nordic approach to food. They work with like-minded individuals to create experiences and workshops, with a strong focus on the importance of local, ethical & health driven food. Their aim for their most recent event was to highlight the substance of biodynamic & organic farming practises by hosting a workshop & dinner in the middle of a field.

All of the food was sourced, hunted or caught within mere kilometres of the farm, the organic or biodynamic wines were supplied by the talented people of Moestue, and of course we contributed with Michiti – a beautiful example of what Ethiopia can offer.

In keeping with the outdoor theme, we decided brewing by kokekaffe. This seemed most appropriate and delivered a delicious cup during the final stages of the evening as the temperature dropped and the windows of the glasshouse started to fog up…

For those of you interested in brewing kokekaffe, here are the parameters we used :

1000g of water just off the boil, 65 grams of fairly course ground Michiti, 5 minutes brew time

Once the water has boiled, pour in ground coffee – ensure grounds are all wet, cover & brew for 5 minutes. Push the grounds to the bottom of the kettle & scoop off the remaining foam. I then filtered the coffee through a fine metal mesh filter (not essential – it gives clarity to the cup) into an appropriate serving vessel. Cool slightly, mix and serve.

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