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Da Matteo 10 Year Anniversary

On Saturday, 7th October, our friends at Da Matteo will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary in Gothenburg. The event will take place in their festival tent on Magasinsgatan, between their previous roastery on Vallgatan 5 and current one on Magasinsgatan 17A. The event is free and everyone is welcome. Tim will be there to host a lecture and manage the brew bar, so you can rest assured this will be a coffee date to remember.


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More about the lecture:

As you probably know, Tim is more than just the owner of our coffee shop and roastery here in Oslo, Norway. After working in coffee for over 18 years – and winning titles such as World Barista Champion 2004, World Cup Tasters Champion in 2005 and Nordic Roaster 4 times – he figured it was time to experience life on the other end of the spectrum… as a farmer.

Tim initially got the idea of buying a farm after working on improving the coffee quality and processing practices at Finca Tamana with Elias Roa. After streamlining how the coffee was harvested, processed and dried on the farm, it made sense for Tim to start learning more about what really affects the quality of the coffee before it is harvested. Asking Elias to risk his livelihood on changing his agricultural practices seemed to be too much to ask for from a farmer with limited resources. Therefore Tim offered to purchase 7 hectares of bare land from Elias. These 7 hectares is now the farm, Finca el Suelo, where Tim is taking a more scientific approach to growing coffee the natural way by using his knowledge on soil biology to nurture his plants.

Tim will be talking about his experiences from this project showing both the work he has done at Finca Tamana leading up to the start of Finca el Suelo and the challenges he has had with the project.

More about the event:

Da Matteo will be hosting a series of lectures focusing on specialty coffee, including talks by ten coffee producers from Costa Rica as well as some of the leading voices in the nordic speciality coffee scene. This is a rare opportunity to hear from some of the farmers who are producing the amazing coffee you get to drink.

Along side these inspiring talks, Da Matteo we will also feature a brew bar, where you will be able to try different coffees from some of their friends in the industry (including ourselves), a latte art throwdown, wine and coffee pairing and a cupping challenge.

Mark your calendars!

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