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Construction of drying tables at Nacimiento

I just got a mail from Jobneel from Finca Nacimiento in Honduras with some pictures of the construction of the drying tables I asked him to build on his farm.

Drying coffee in San Vicente SB

Jobneel has not been able to dry his own coffee before and he has been delivering the coffee to the local exporter and dry mill San Vicente in Pena Blanca. (See picture above) Although San Vicente does a greta job drying the coffee, the coffees have been fading fast every year, most likely due to high temperatures of the coffee laying on the patio. The patios are also dirty and people and animals always step on the coffee. That is not how I want our coffees to be treated. So this year I asked Jobneel if he was interested in building drying tables covered with shade, as we have had great success drying coffee this way in other places. (Read more about it here.)

We are therefore contributing with USD 1500,- to get the drying beds constructed. This will not cover everything, but maybe up to 90%. Jobneel is making them with wood and metal so that they last for a long time. They will be big enough to dry all our coffees and a bit more. The plan is to have them ready in a couple of weeks, before the pickings in March and April when most of Jobneel’s best coffees are harvested. Here are some of the first photos Jobneel has sent me from the project. We will give you an update as soon as we get more.



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