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Coffee Subscription Tasting with Friends March 2018

This is the first video in a series we have created called, Coffee Subscription Tasting with Friends, which is a monthly video about one of the coffees we will be sending you in our coffee subscription. In March 2018, I chat with our Roaster and Project Manager, Ben Symes, about the Caballero Bourboncillo. The idea is that you can learn about the coffee you are drinking while drinking it. The Bourboncillo is from the same seeds as the Caballero’s Geisha plants, but the Bourboncillo is grown at lower altitude than their famous Geisha. Marysabel and Moises wanted to differentiate these coffees as the Geisha grown in higher altitudes develop a more intense and different character than the ones planted at slightly lower altitude and has become a recognized Geisha coffee, after they won the Cup of Excellence with their Geisha in 2017. 


Coffee Subscription Tasting with Friends – March 2018 from Tim Wendelboe on Vimeo.

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