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Central & South Americans from around the globe

On Thursday we hosted a cupping of Central & South American coffees from roasters throughout the world, as part of the Kaffefestivities. A huge thank you to the people who made the effort to send their coffees to us.

Norwegian Coffee Nerds
Norwegian Coffee Folk
We received over 30 coffees from all over the place, and on Wednesday night the staff at TW’s picked out the best 10 – at least one coffee from each of the roasters would be showcased. The top 10 coffees were, in no particular order –


Finca Vista Hermosa, Guatemala – Coffee Collective, Denmark

Cielito Lindo, Honduras CoE – Tim Wendelboe, Norway

Finca La Lomita, Colombia – Tim Wendelboe, Norway

Gonzalo Rojas, Panama – David Haugaard, Sweden

Los Lejones, Panama – Supreme Roastworks, Norway

La Aurora, Colombia – Supreme Roastworks, Norway

Finca Kilimanjaro, El Salvador – Solberg & Hansen, Norway

Cruz Del Sur, Peru – Intelligentsia, US

Las Mingas, Narino Lot 45, Colombia – Kaffa, Norway

Hacienda Esmerelda Geisha, Panama – Kaffa, Norway

The selection was Scandinavian heavy, this is all thanks to the hopeless Terminal 5 at Heathrow, who left my luggage containing coffees from Melbourne.

Razzamatazzmus getting stuck in
Razzamatazzmus getting stuck in
Both the Kaffa coffees stood out, especially the delightful Esmerelda. It was interesting to note the varied roasting techniques from country to country and even between the Norwegian roasters. There was a fantastic atmosphere with around 20 guests – some roasters, some baristas, some customers, all keen to share opinions and thoughts on each of the coffees presented. We will be sure to host another cupping of this type again in the future, hopefully with a broader spectrum of roasters. Perhaps a trip across the Atlantic to an African country…

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