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2004 WBC Scoresheets

Inspired by Colin, James and Gwilym (via TIm Styles) who has allready published their scoresheets from their WBC finals I started looking for my old sheets from 2004. I found them in a pile of paper on top of my book shelf, so here they are:

Head Judge: Tone Elin Liavaag
Sensory Judge: Sherri Johns
Sensory Judge: Roberto Pregel
Sensory Judge: Inga Schaeper
Sensory judge: Justin Metcalf
Technical Judge: Paul Bassett
Technical Judge: John Sanders

I haven’t had a look at these scoresheets since 2004, and what comes to mind is how much better the scoresheets are today and how much better the competition is now. Back in 2004 there was a lot of silly stuff we had to go through, like setting up the judges table in the competition time and not in the preparation time. Nevertheless. I did not deliver 100% in the finals and therefore scored lower than in the semi-finals. Fortunately I think all 6 finalists had the same nerves as I did, so we all did our honest mistakes. (Like serving luke warm cappuccinos)

I will try to dig up some video footage of the competition as well. If anyone was there and filmed it, please send me a copy.

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