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What’s cropping up – Sept 2019

Hello Everyone,

Here’s your September news updates from TW HQ. 

What you missed:

– Early August I was in Colombia again to taste and buy fresh crop coffees from Finca Tamana and do some work on my farm, Finca el Suelo. I’m happy to say there is finally some progress on my biological coffee farm and that I was actually able to take home another nanolot of my own harvest. Check out this video I made last year to see how nano I mean.

– I am excited to announce we bought coffee from a new company in Embu, Kenya founded by a group of farmers that decided to start working together to improve the value and quality of their coffee. They are aptly called “Wearenew” and our 3-bag coffee subscribers this month will be receiving an exclusive taste of our first coffee from them, a very delicate, fruity and clean SL28 & Ruiru 11 variety. 

– Sunday, 1st September, we co-hosted this year’s Norwegian Aeropress Championship along with Fuglen at their roastery on St Halvards gate 33, 12-5pm. Check out the contestants, winners and their winning recipes on the official FB event page.

What’s next:

Try the Tatmara Natural (74112 cultivar) we have just released on our webshop. This was one of our subscription coffees back in July and the second cultivar we separated from Negussie Tadesse’s farm in Ethiopia, the first single producer we have been able to buy from since the famous Olke Birre coffee we had a few years ago. For me these coffees still have hints of flavours from fermentation but they are pleasant like fresh peach, fresh ripe strawberry and floral. 

– We have also released a brand new coffee called Fahem from Atnago, Ethiopia. This is another farm we are trying to work more closely with like we do in Central America and Colombia in order to improve the quality of coffees we buy from in Ethiopia. I really loved how the washed coffees turned out and think they are quite different from the typical coffees you find further south in Ethiopia, like near Yirgacheffe. The coffees from the west have always appealed to me and this one is no exception with loads of tropical fruit notes but still with very floral characteristics. Read more about this project and order some of this coffee to try here.

– I will be in Bergen this week on Thursday, 5th September to give a talk about new trends in the industry based on my thoughts and experiences. The event will take place as part of the “Kaffedag i Bergen” hosted at Magda on Kong Oscars Gate 5, 5017 Bergen. Check out the FB event page for details.

– We are donating coffee to this fall season’s Hasle Loppemarked taking place weekend of 14-15th September. Drop by if you are free that weekend. All proceeds from coffee sales goes towards funding their school marching band.

– Are you a roaster or cupper interested in building your knowledge and networking with our coffee professionals in the Nordic region? Get your tickets to this year’s Nordic Roaster Forum taking place here in Oslo on 4-5th October. This year’s Nordic Roaster Forum theme comes off the heels of 2018’s forum on sustainability. As we learned, sustainability is a wide ranging and complex topic with far-reaching consequences. Each of us are contemplating what we can do to minimize our impact on the environment, while simultaneously creating more sustainable models for running our coffee businesses.

– We have just released tickets to our 2-day roasting workshop in November with Ben Symes, during which we will going through all we know about roasting good coffee. Ben recently went through a masterclass with Loring and has been roasting coffee with us since 2015. Before he started working for us, Ben spent time in Tokyo setting up a coffee roastery for the Norwegian company Fuglen. Over the years he has gained experience by roasting on both new and an old Probat machines as well as the Loring Kestrel S35. The roast workshop lasts for 2 full days and Norwegian lunch is included. Sign up here.

Thank you for your continued interest in who we are and what we do. 
Tim & Co.

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