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What’s Cropping Up – Oct 2018

Hello Everyone,

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What you missed:

* We won the 2018 Nordic Roaster Competition!
This is the 7th time we have won the Nordic Roaster award, and our 4th year in a row, competing using the delicious Pacamara coffee from the Caballero’s farm in Honduras. View the final results here.

* The most emotional cup of coffee I’ve ever had…
Last week, I had the opportunity to roast, cup and taste my first ever truly bite-sized harvest from my farm, Finca El Suelo. It wasn’t the best coffee I’ve ever had, but definitely the most emotional. Watch the video here.

* Find our coffee at Restaurant Einer 
Restaurant Einer is now serving our coffee at their restaurant on Prinsens Gate 18. They focus on Nordic-inspired food , we focus on good tasting coffee roasted fresh ( here in Oslo.

What’s next:

* New coffees this month
These coffees are now available for orders via our webshop: Los Pirineos Pacamara Filter (chocolate, almonds and red berries) and Los Pirineos Bourbon Espresso (chocolate, nuts and dried fruit).

* Travelling to Colombia
From October 12 to November 2, I will be travelling to Colombia for 3 weeks to visit Finca Tamana and Elias Roa, as well as work a bit on my farm, Finca El Suelo. After all, coffee doesn’t harvest itself…

* Drink our coffee at the Lilleborgskole and Grunerløkka skole loppemarkeds
We will be sponsoring coffee at these upcoming flea markets to help them raise funds for their school marching band and other necessities. The Lilleborgskole Loppemarked is from 13-14 October and the Gunerløkksaskole Loppemarked is the week after from 20-21 October.

That’s it for now. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach us at [email protected].

Tim & Co

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