Pullman BigStep Tamper

kr 1,569.85

Manufacturer Notes

Originating from discussions with 20 year industry veteran and 2015 QLD Barista Champion Adam Metelmann, the BigStep base was born out of his desire for a base with the highest possible useable tolerance in size for competition baskets. The result – BigStep. The BigStep refers to the design of the large diameter ‘stepped edge’ of the base, measuring in at 58.55mm (+/- 0.02mm). This base shape enables a maximum surface area of coffee to be covered during tamping, including the prevention of a pinched edge of coffee particles or vacuum effect that can occur when using such a large (or incorrectly sized) base.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg

The patent-pending BigStep piston perfectly fits the VST ridgeless filter baskets (58.7mm diameter or larger), giving you full compaction with almost no residual grounds on the side-walls. That means you’re compacting your puck fully and evenly across the entire surface, which greatly helps in reducing channeling and uneven extractions. The tapered step in the base design reduces suction while removing the tamper, so dislodged or fractured pucks are much less of an issue. The 58.55mm BigStep base is made from 440 grade stainless steel. The tamper is an ergonomic unit with a comfortable curve running throughout all its components. It starts with a handle made of anodized aluminium. Between the base and the handle there’s also the option to add one of the three height adjustment spacers supplied with each tamper.

  • All components 100% Australian Made
  • Acetal insert on aluminium handles to protect handle; also can be personalised
  • 10mm stainless steel grub screw for maximum strength and corrosion resistance
  • Supplied with three interchangeable spacers – offers 15mm of height adjustments to suit any hand
  • Silicon insert embedded into base to provide “suspension” during tamping
  • Deep machined base, reducing weight
  • Precision-machines bases from 304, 316, 440 and 630 grade stainless steel
  • Three TrueTamp rings help achieve a level tamp (not included on the BigStep)
  • Micro-lip at edge of rubber protects fingers from base as rubber compresses during usage
  • Silicon insert warm to the touch and reduces finger fatigue
  • Ergonomic curves run through tamper from top to botttom
  • Handle available in Anodised Aluminium
  • Base made from high strength (min 43 Rockwell) 440C Grade Stainless Steel in Australia from premium grade materials
  • Maximum surface coverage (58.55mm diameter)
  • Lightweight (100g)
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