Dave Alsybury

Senior Marketing Specialist

In charge of our website, and working with marketing related tasks.

Dave is our Irish, self-proclaimed coffee geek, who after 15 years working with communications, content and marketing at some of Europe’s top media companies, moved to Norway and luckily for us he applied for a position at our team.

Dave has contributed to improving our website a lot since he started working with us in January 2022, and always has ideas for how we can develop further and optimise our digital communication. He is not only treating our website well, he is also the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and treating everyone with the kindest respect and humour.


The most important thing for Dave as our team member:

To work with people who are passionate about what they do, and who are always striving to make things better and have a positive impact on the industry in which they operate. I enjoy helping Team Wendelboe to creatively communicate this message and to grow the audience it reaches each day.

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