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Soy milk

We have once again tasted soy milk in our coffees and have come to the conclusion to stop offering soy milk in our drinks.

The main reason for this is that we really don’t like the flavour of it. It is very difficult to get a nice coffee flavour in soy milk and the better ones are too sweet and grainy on the palate.

Another very good reason to stop offering soy milk is that a lot of soy milk comes from genetically modified (GMO) soy beans. We are fully against GMO as it can cause biological damage not only to soy beans but also to other plants as cross pollination is impossible to control.  To understand more about how GMO works, just watch the documentary films ” The Future of food” and “Food INC”.
A healthy alternative to soy based drinks is black coffee. We prepare all our coffees to order on an Aeropress in our bar. It is not only healthy, but also very tasty.


29 Responses to “Soy milk”

  1. martinderm Says:

    That’s wierd, here in Austria I haven’t encountered a GMO soy milk yet. Have you tried the Provamel Omega 3 soy drink? That goes best with coffee in my opinion. And it’s certifies organic and CO2 neutral.

  2. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    Here is a link to a site that is very informative on GMO. NOt all soy milk is from GMO soy, but more and more as consumption is growing and the mass produced soy in US, where a lot of soy is exported to Europe is GMO

  3. henry Says:

    i can’t find _any_ gm soy milk where i live (oxford, uk). i suspect all the gm soy is used as animal feed. if you’ve got a problem with the taste, don’t try to reinforce your argument with gm, as you’ll find that most people that have soy milk are very sensitive to gm issues and they will call bullshit.

  4. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    Well, our decision to remove soy from our offering was primarily because of taste. The one we used before came from Non GMO soy beans, but even though this was the best tasting of the ones we can get in Norway, it still tastes vile in coffee.

  5. Robert Williams Says:

    A perfectly sound decision if you can’t achieve a satisfactory flavour from the coffee.

    Good on you for putting your foot down and sticking with it.

  6. Åre-Eva Says:

    Hej Tim,

    Well done. We decided from the moment we opened our take-away coffee-bar that we should not offer soy milk because it tastes bad. If you can’t drink milk- we do offer the very best black coffee- only serving CoE.

  7. Tim Wendelboe Says:


  8. martinderm Says:

    I agree with you that soy milk shouldn’t be added to specialty coffee. But Milk also should not in my opinion. One last thing have to add: Please make sure that the cows producing your milk are not fed by GMO soy :D

  9. Sean Bonner Says:

    Cow milk is disgusting too. I can’t wait for a coffee shop to have the balls to stand up and stop offering that crap as well.

  10. Jordan Says:

    Tim, you’re my hero. For the week…

  11. terry z Says:

    Finally! Soy is also used to plant over toxic waste sites as it absorbs heavy metals easily. Tim, thanks for leading the pack, not only from a flavour decision, but for health reasons. Very Cool.

  12. Stickman Says:

    I hadn’t expected such an anti-soy hue and cry. I’m impressed.
    Tomorrow I will look to see if the almond milk is GMO Free. We currently offer Almond, cow and soy…Perhaps we’ll drop the soy.
    Bad news: In Canada we don’t have mandatory labeling of GMO foods so it is more difficult to determine the wheat from the crap.

  13. Daniel Lodewyk Says:

    This is the best thing I have read all day. I full heartily agree! Good job sticking to your guns! I hope this becomes a trend…

  14. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    I am also amazed about how much fuzz this created. In our store we used about 4 litres of soy a week (half poured down the drain) so I don’t think it is such a controversy to stop offering it.

  15. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    I just think that people need to review what they are serving and decide wether they are happy with it or not.

  16. drew Says:


    check out Onyxcoffeebar.com we served tims coffee and use no dairy or sugar.

  17. martinderm Says:

    To all who fear that their soy milc is made from GMOs:

    Even Tims source linked above says:
    “Traditional soya products such as soya milk are generally produced not from mass-produced soya but from soya beans with special attributes. These soya beans are cultivated and handled separately. Therefore, these products do not contain any appreciable amount of GM-soya beans.”

    I am sure there are organic/ecologic/bio certification programmes in your area that make sure that the soy milk you buy is GMO-free.

    Why the fuzz: Because soy milk drinkers are few, but care, cow milk drinkers usually don’t :)

  18. kris Says:

    Anyone having positive experiance with other forms of milk than cow or soy milk?? E.g almond milk? steaming tasting quality?

  19. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    Tried both Rice and wheat “milk” but they don’t have the same foaming properties and taste vile as well.

  20. martinderm Says:

    Another problem with milk alternatives is that the taste varies greatly between different brands. So it’s best to try several products. As said above, in my opinion the best for cappucino is Provamel Omega 3 Soy Drink. The taste of wheat or rice milk usually is even more dominant.

  21. Waarom ik fan ben van soja « koffiejuf Says:

    [...] Tim Wendelboe’s blogpost. [...]

  22. Richard Says:

    You should offer what you want to offer, but:

    1) If people want to buy coffee with soya milk, it’s what they want. It’s weird for you to decide for someone else what is or isn’t disgusting. Taste is personal.

    I would always choose soya milk in coffee, even though cows’ milk tastes nicer and doesn’t curdle.

    2) People have already mentioned this, but I hope you buy organic milk, if not, you’ll be drinking cow’s milk that’s been made from animal feed with GM soya in. I don’t really understand why so many people have such a hateful reaction to GM, not when there are so many things in the world that people should have a much more hateful reaction to!


  23. Fraser Says:

    NO MILK !

    Not only does coffee taste better without it is better for the environment. The milk in your average latte takes around 340gms of carbon to produce compared to a paltry 21grms for a black coffee.

  24. Dawn Hutcheon Says:

    Hello, this is a bit off topic but can you advise me – I am coming to Norway next week and am completely lactose intolerant. I’ll need to find soya milk in Bergen and Voss. Which brands are available? I use Alpro in the UK, or provamel. Thank you

  25. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    GO to any Helios or helath store / bigger supermarket and they will sell Alpro.

  26. Christopher M Page, UK Says:

    I just got up early to try a new soya drink called ‘Sunrise’ by Organic Cafe Expert. It has a pleasant, subtle flavour – faintly of coconut and is made from non GM soya beans. It has a very small amount of natural sugars and no artificial sweeteners and says on the carton that it does not curdle – I haven’t tested it in coffee yet but I tried it with cornflakes and I can honestly say that it’s the best soya drink I’ve tasted since before Aldi sadly changed the recipe of their once superb ‘Soya Delight’ a while ago.

  27. Christopher M Page,UK Says:

    I just checked online and found that ‘Sunrise’ is also available unsweetened. I tried the sweetened one in coffee today and as claimed it doesn’t curdle. Soya is better for my digestion than milk – I’ve been milk intolerant since I was about 8 years old (I’m now 37) and often suffered horrendous intestinal pains which I always put down to anxiety – no one explained to me that once you start shedding your first teeth you shouldn’t use milk – at least not with lactose in.
    Anyway, ‘Sunrise’ is good in coffee AND doesn’t curdle!

  28. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    Glad you found something you can use.
    We are still not going to offer soy anymore as we want our customers to experience our coffee at it’s best and that is normally without milk at all.
    So, if you ever visit us, try our black coffees. They taste better without milk or soy.

  29. .U2kjmsanDfM Says:


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