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Aeropress film

Here is a little film I made today on how to make a tasty brew on the Aeropress.

Hope you like it.

Aeropress brewing guide from Tim Wendelboe on Vimeo.

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24 Responses to “Aeropress film”

  1. Michael Harwood Says:

    Nice musical transition into the plunge!

    Any idea why the Aeropress seems to favor higher concentrations? The only way I’ve made great Aeropress coffee at a 16:1 to 17:1 brew ratio is by diluting the brew afterward. Am I missing something? Thanks!

  2. bennie Says:

    Like it? I can’t even play it.

  3. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    Is it you or the Aeropress favoring high concentrations? I have made lovely brews at 60g/l ratio. You just need to get the right extraction.

  4. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    It works for me and a lot of other people. Maybe your bandwith is slow? the video is in HD

  5. Harry Wilkinson Says:

    Just tried it and it worked out great. Thanks!

  6. Jason Dominy Says:

    Awesome. Been working on in inverted Aeropress with results I’m not happy with, I usually do the Americano version, and am happy with it. I look forward to trying this tomorrow…

  7. Arnaud Says:

    I thought it was better to put the coffe and the hot water in the Aeropress in an upside-down position, and reverse it all when ready to press down, in order not to have any coffee starting pouring through the filter before the actual ‘press down’ action??

    What do you think?

  8. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    You can do both ways. We use this as it is simpler and also less risky to get burned and spill when we are busy in the bar.

  9. Arnaud Says:


  10. Andy Says:

    Thanks for the video! Whats that App?


  11. Anders Says:

    It’s MoJoToGo with one of the $29 modules.


  12. Scott Says:

    I noticed you listed 215 grams of water and visually it appears you filled it about 3/4 of the way full. I measured out 215 grams of water on a scale and with it being completely full barely topped out at 210 grams. Either I have an awful scale or there is something I’m not doing right. I’m curious, was the weight of the Aeropress included in your numbers?

  13. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    Some of the water drips through the filter, so use a scale for more accuracy.

  14. Alyce Says:

    I think I might be turning too anal on this whole coffee-brewing (and I partly blame Scott Rao). Do you get a consistent extraction with this process? It seems like the violent stir which keeps the coffee going in turbulence throughout the entire 45 sec brew would result in a very uncontrolable agitation?

  15. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    It is pretty consistent if you stir consistently and not too violent.
    At least I find it more consistent than all the pour over brewing methods out there mainly due to inconsistent water temperatures.

  16. David Says:

    Jeg har en Wilfa CGR-1-kaffekvern, som du anbefaler, hvilken malingsgrad vil du anbefale på den? Medium fin kvernet på Wilfa er vel ikke det samme som på f.eks. en kvern som brukes til å kverne til espresso?

  17. Michael Penland Says:

    Great video Tim!
    I’ve found this method to work very well though like all methods the grinder is usually the weak link for home baristas. Espresso grinders typically don’t make very good fine drip, drip or french press grinds as the particle sizes are all over the map.

  18. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    Weilfa kvernen kan ikke sammenlignes med en espressokvern. Den kverner grovere og egner seg ikke til espresso. Alle kverner er i tillegg ikke helt likt kalibrert.
    I tillegg må du kverne forskjellig til ulike bryggemetoder. Rask bryggemetode = finere malingsgrad. Langsom bryggemetode = grovere.

  19. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    I find that if you have a conical grinder, the finer you grind, the more even it grinds as well.

  20. Geir P Says:

    Har presshastigheten på slutten noe å si for sluttresultatet, eller er det egentlig bare et spørsmål om total bryggetid?

  21. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    bryggetid og trykk har begge litt å si.

  22. connor Says:

    I’m really late to the party but this video is awesome.

  23. Anders Knudsen Says:


    Jeg har en Wilfa kværn som er købt udelukkende til at brygge Aeropress med!

    hvilken indstilling er bedst?

    Og hvilken trækketid med den indstilling?

  24. Tim Wendelboe Says:

    Litt ulik kalibrering på wilfa kvernene. Prøv deg frem mellom medium og fin malingsgrad og ca 1 minutt trekketid.

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