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We are closed during Easter

We will be closed during Easter as we need to lacker the floor again.

Here are our Easter opening hours:

Wednesday 16th: 8:30 – 18:00

17th to 21st: Closed

Tuesday 22nd: 8:30 – 18:00 (as normal)

Happy holidays.

New coffee from Dumerso

Coffee ceremony for breakfast

Our coffee selection is at it’s bare minimum at the moment. The reason for this is that we want to make sure we offer you the freshest coffees possible. When shipments from Kenya, Ethiopia and Colombia are late as well as delayed harvests in Honduras and El Salvador, we struggle a bit when last years coffees are getting close to sold out.

Therefore we had to act. Many people know that we are partners in Nordic Approach (NA),  a green coffee import company that shares the same values as ourselves when it comes to sourcing coffee.
I personally source some of the coffees for NA, but Morten Wennersgaard, who is the head of NA, does most of the sourcing and especially from Africa. In fact Morten does the main sourcing for us in Ethiopia. Since the lots we have selected for 2014 from Hunkute and Duromina  has not yet arrived we decided to buy an additional coffee from NA so that we don’t run out of coffee until the new lots are here.

Fortunately there was an early shipment of coffee from the private exporter BNT that arrived in March with some wonderful coffees from Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. After tasting the arrivals we decided to get a small amount of a coffee from a private wet mill. The coffee is made up from cherries from a lot of smallholder farmers. The farmers can either sell their cherries to the local cooperatives or to a private wet mill. I this case the latter has happened. Mr. Sorafi, who runs the mill pays special attention to quality control when the cherries are de-pulped and during the processing and drying of the coffee.

The end results is a very clean and aromatic coffee with the classic “Yirgacheffe” flavours of peach, citrus and jasmine in the cup.


For more information go here. You can also buy the coffee in our webshop and yes, we do ship internationally.


TW Hunkute Red Ale

We are making a Coffee Red Ale together with Grünerløkka Brygghus this month. We’ll post more information on our social media pages and our website when the final product will be ready to launch.

In the meantime you can enjoy this little video from our brewing session earlier this week.

TW Hunkute Red Ale from Tim Wendelboe on Vimeo.

TW – series about coffee

After a month of filming in November last year, and a whole lot of editing, we are proud and excited to announce that all episodes of the new coffee TV series with yours truly was launched online on the 28th of February.

Aftenposten.no (One of the most important newspapers in Norway) have funded the production of a 12 episode Web-TV series about coffee. In the series I will show you what equipment you need to make great coffee, give you tips about what beans to buy and how to brew tasty coffee at home. I will show you how to make a pour over coffee, espresso and even a tasty Irish coffee (Yes, it is possible!)

We also managed to get enough funds in order to go to Colombia and film 4 episodes about how coffee is grown and processed. You will be able to see some unique footage from Finca Tamana and follow the coffee all the way back to Norway.

Our intention with making the series is to try to make your everyday coffee taste a little bit better and help aspiring home-baristas and the man in the street to understand what makes a great cup of coffee.

I really hope you like the series and that you spread it to all your coffee loving friends. Enjoy!

To follow the series on twitter use #apkaffe or follow me on @timwendelboe , instagram




We are very happy to announce that we can now offer coffee subscriptions within Norway.
This means you can get coffee sent to your mail every month without having to log on to our webshop every time.

We have some different options and frequencies for the subscriptions. Please visit our web shop for all options and prices.

There is a small discount for all subscribers. We will make sure you get tasty coffee for every shipment and we might even add a small surprise every now and then.


Please note we only do subscriptions within Norway. Due to the complex logistics when we send abroad, we will not be able to do a subscription for the rest of the world for now. We do offer international shipping for single orders though.



Coffee from Brazil

Joao Hamilton farmer of Sitio Canaa


After a lot of test roasting and tasting, we finally nailed a roast profile for our new Brazil coffees and the coffees are now for sale in our web shop and store.

There are three different lots all from the same producers, the two brothers Joao Hamilton and Ivan dos Santos at Sitio Canaa in Caconde, Brazil:

Two of the lots are roasted lighter for filter, Aeropress, french press and similar brewing methods.

  • One is a Yellow Catuaì cultivar and is a natural processed coffee. This lot has more body, sweetness and flavors of dried fruit and dark chockolate.
  • The other lot is a Red Bourbon cultivar that is semi-washed. This coffee is cleaner and lighter in body and has flavors of sugar cane, caramel and milk chocolate.

The espresso roast is a third lot. A Red Catuaì that has been natural processed. This is a super sweet coffee with raisins, dried figs and dark chocolate flavors.

We really hope you like the coffees.





Coffee prices in 2013

Better late than never. We have in previous years written a lot about the importance of paying fair prices to the farmers and the importance of transparency.

So, like previous years here are our coffee prices paid  in 2013. The prices are per pound (lb=453g) og green coffee Free on Board (FOB), which means the price for the coffee packed and stacked in a container delivered to the ship.

TW coffee prices 2013

TW coffee prices 2013

Since not everyone understands how the coffee trade works, below is an example from our book “Finca Tamana” on the break down of the price we paid for the coffee and who gets what. (The example is from 2012) Remember that purchasing models and logistics are different from country to country, so the break down will vary. Our main focus when buying coffees is to make sure the trade is transparent and that the farmers get a good price for their coffee. In fact we speak with most of the producers we buy from throughout the year on Skype or e-mail and we prefer to negotiate prices with the farmers directly. That way we can make sure their costs are covered and that they make a fair profit.

Taken from the Book "Finca Tamana"

Taken from the Book “Finca Tamana”

On our end, we have to pay for shipping, handling, financing, rent, storage rent, gas, electricity, bags, insurance, quality control and labour costs in order to produce the coffees. Of course our production costs are higher than for instance a big supermarket coffee brand as they can roast up to 20.000 kg of coffee per day whereas we normally would roast 200kg in a day.

On average we paid USD 4,83 per lb of green coffee last year. This is a lot more than the commodity market price which today is about 1,40 USD per lb. With the production techniques we have helped implement on most of the farms we work with and buy from, the commodity price would not even cover the production costs. Therefore we have to pay more in order to get the quality we prefer. You might also notice that the prices we pay vary from country to country and lot to lot. This is because we look at the costs of production and the quality of the coffee when we negotiate prices.

We strongly believe that paying fair prices to the farmers is the best way of ensuring they continue their hard work and are able to invest in producing quality coffee for the future. We see all over the world that farmers are uprooting their coffee trees in favor of other cash crops as the commodity market coffee prices today are at around USD 1,40 per lb. The low prices means that for most farmers their costs are not even covered.

In fact we can see that the commodity price today is the same as it was 30 years ago. Imagine having the same salary as people in the 80′s but you had to pay 2014 prices for food, clothes, etc. That is just not right. Therefore we will still be pushing the prices up in 2014 and try to make more roasters do the same.

Portrait interview on Sprudge




Here is a portrait interview I did with Sprudge some weeks ago. Beautifully illustrated and (to me at least) refreshing questions.

The “Finca Tamana” Book


We are proud to present our new book about Finca Tamana.

For the past 1,5 years we have been working very closely with Elias Roa at Finca Tamana in Huila Colombia and because of his trust and willingness to invest in quality, we have made a huge progress with quality control at his farm.


This book takes you through the steps we have made and the future plans we have in order to improve the farm and making it more sustainable both socially, economically and environmentally.

A great read if you would like to know more about how your coffee is produced.

The book is available in our store or in our web shop.



Barista Courses in January

We now have 2 barista courses available in January.

To sign up, visit our web shop.